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Rejection by lolllipopkiss Rejection :iconlolllipopkiss:lolllipopkiss 1 0 Say I love You by lolllipopkiss Say I love You :iconlolllipopkiss:lolllipopkiss 8 5
Thorns Chapter 3
The emptiness was distracting. There wasn't much in the room only white walls, grey speckled floors and cream coloured desks. No chairs. This was one of the last rooms that had chalkboards instead of whiteboards. And the only without computers and posters lined up in the back. It was one of the older classrooms; the school was turning it into storage for the construction classes next semester. But right now it was Gio's prison. 
Normal detentions were in room 132, but she resided in 106, right in the middle of the technology classes. Amongst all the noise that drove her insane. They knew it would bother her. They gave her such a large canvas but then surrounded her with so much noise she could barely think. The back hallways were always the loudest. Right next to technology was drama, and next to that was music, and after that the horror that was the hospitality classes. There was never silence. There was never peace. When it wasn't the sound of drills and hammers it was the cring
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Boyfriend Tag Meme thing. by lolllipopkiss Boyfriend Tag Meme thing. :iconlolllipopkiss:lolllipopkiss 0 2
A better Day - Alyssa
“I don’t want to go to school today.”
“You say that every day.”
“But you still send me anyway.”
“Because school is good for you, Alyssa.”
No. It’s not. I hate it there.

I didn’t like going to school as a kid. I was strangely short and had a couple pounds to spare. The other kids used to call me meatball because I was tan and fat. I was awkward looking and wore rounded glasses my parents had gotten on sale. I wasn’t the most attractive child, but that didn’t give them a right to make fun of me.
There was this one girl in particular. Her name was Olivia. She really hated me. She used to push me around and poke me in my stomach. She was really attached to the whole fat thing. I was how she got her fun out of her day. She called me everything in the book. Pig. Cow. She even called me a whale once.
I remember one day my class had gotten a recess detention in second grade for talking too much. As soon as th
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Thorns Chapter 2
The sound of breakfast was always the same. The clock ticked abnormally loud. The fridge hummed lightly in the background. Occasionally joined by the sound of a spoon hitting the bowl of whatever cereal happened to be one sale that week. It was soothing, almost peaceful sitting alone in the kitchen waiting for enough time to pass. The mornings where it remained quite meant it was going to be a good day. And the one’s where it didn’t, well, they were days like today.
“Make sure you don’t be late for school again,” Megan said walking into the kitchen.  She was using her I-am-a-strict-parent voice.  
“And remember you’re grounded for the rest of the month” David added following after her.
Tyli rolled her eyes. She hated Megan and David. They always acted like they owned her. Tyli had her own parents. She didn’t need Megan or David. She didn’t care if they adopted her. She didn’t care what the government had t
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Cerise Hood by lolllipopkiss Cerise Hood :iconlolllipopkiss:lolllipopkiss 9 0
Thorns Chapter 1
The smell of cigarettes hung in the air around them. The ground was soaked but they still decided to sit in the field that was more mud than grass. Some were drunk, others high, but one of them was different. Rather than drinking or doing drugs she just sat quietly feeling as out of place as she possibly could. Kathy wasn’t a bad kid. She just knew a lot of them.  
Her head was tucked under the shoulder of her boyfriend Ryder’s leather jacket as his arm wrapped around her. He smelled like sweat and ashes, not the best combination of scents, but it was delicious on him. Kathy always wondered why she couldn’t smoke like the rest of her friends did. The smell was intoxicating, almost addicting, but whenever she tried to light one herself she always coughed like her lungs were failing. Ryder said it was because she was soft.
Kathy was anything but soft. She was hard (if that even made sense). She may be a little hyper sometimes, and a bit of an idiot, but when it ca
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Mature content
Losing Control Chapter 18 :iconlolllipopkiss:lolllipopkiss 0 2
Losing Control Chapter 17
It’s been two months since I’ve spoken to anyone. Now that I know what I’ll become, I just can’t let what happened to Amy happen to Rye, Lily or anyone else for that matter. I avoided anyone who ever cared about me. But Lily didn’t let go easy. When I started ignoring her in class she kept harassing me and asking what was wrong with me.
Rye flickered through his personalities trying to figure out which one would get me to say something to him. But he gave up eventually. He didn’t even acknowledge me anymore. He made it so much easier than Lily did. Maybe that means he didn’t care as much. Now I’m glad I didn’t take things any farther with him. He was an ass. Or so I told myself so I would give up on him.
I had to become nocturnal to avoid everyone. It was hard at first. I didn’t like being a night demon. Darkness made me feel like I was being consumed. I had to switch all my classes to house of darkness courses because those w
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Losing Control Chapter 16
I had just turned five hundred when my mom sent me to the surface world for the eighteenth time. I was used to it by now. She did this whenever she started a new relationship and didn’t want her newest victim to know she had kids. It made it harder for her to keep them long enough to suck out all their life energy. It took a couple years at most, then I could move back home before she needed another fix.
I didn’t mind it anymore. It was the only way she would be able to live, although sucking out a man’s life with sex seemed a bit crazy to me. I was happy I hadn’t inherited her power and become a succubus, but maybe if I had I wouldn’t be so miserable in the present.
It was that eighteenth trip that changed my life forever. It was even more impactful than my third, when I had made my first kill. It was the eighteenth time that I had resurfaced that made me go insane. It was the time I had met Amy. Those were the years that destroyed my entire state of mind
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Losing Control Chapter 15
The next day the glow was finally gone. I’ve never had it last that long. Most of the time it was a couple hours at most, but this one lasted an entire day. I can’t even really remember what triggered it anymore. I feel like an idiot. I made Rye mad at me for no reason. What was I thinking?
I think all that fear inducement is catching up to me. I’m starting to go insane instead. What was I even doing anymore? I don’t even understand my own actions. It was like I was being possessed, rather than being the possessor.
I couldn’t even look at Rye. I wanted to apologize to him for being a jerk, but I didn’t know how to explain. So I stayed in bed all day thinking. I skipped math and music, just to lie in my bed and try and come up with a good enough apology.
“Is there any reason you skipped math?” Rye asked. I hadn’t even heard the door open.
“Yeah,” I said rolling over so I didn’t have to look at him. I still wasn
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Losing Control Chapter 14
The next day I was still angry and my eyes still glowed. Rye had pissed me off to new levels. I wanted to snap something in half, preferably Rye’s spine. But he had some sort of super speed or something that made him impossible to catch. I figured that out after the first month, he was really good at appearing out of nowhere and scaring me.
My anger didn’t subside even when I went to ability development, which quickly became my second favourite class after biology. I was just permanently irritated. I hoped Kraison, my very pale vampire teacher, didn’t call on me for any demonstrations today. So far, I’m safe. He’s only really called on the weaker kids, the fallen angels and the night elves. They weren’t exactly classified as hell born so they didn’t stay at our dorms. But they were considered more on the dark side than good.  
“Zia, how about we see from you today,” he said, he sounded bored as usual. He went through the same t
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Losing Control Chapter 13
When I killed Amy I went into depression for a while. I had tried getting other demons to kill me but no one was willing. No one killed anyone with my bloodline. Not unless they wanted their entire family dead. Damn my father's position. I had just wanted to die. Was that so terrible?
I had done something wrong and I should pay. A life for a life you could say. But that wasn't easy. I couldn’t die naturally and no one wanted to kill me. So I took the liberty upon myself. I tried many different types of suicide, each failing miserably in their own way.
When I tried cutting myself I healed too quickly. My sister walked in on my hanging. When I tried shooting myself I discovered my skin was bulletproof. So I was stuck. No one could kill me and I couldn't kill myself. Not unless.... no. That was a crazy idea. There was no way that would work. But it was all I had left.
So I sat in front of a mirror and took a deep breath. My power relied on my eyes. It was sort of like the window int
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Kero Chan! by lolllipopkiss Kero Chan! :iconlolllipopkiss:lolllipopkiss 1 0
Losing Control Chapter 12
I had to leave by the time the sun started to set. The spirits would be back from their daily sun bath and they would notice me if I was still in the dorm. I got lucky last night, most of the dorms tenants were out while Elm carried me here. But today was a totally different day.
Whenever I tried to walk I felt dizzy and couldn’t take more than three steps before falling over. We figured out by now, I had a bit more than a hangover. Elm had offered to take me to the nurses’ office, but I rejected. There was no way I was spending another night out of the dorm. Anyone who noticed I was missing might start spreading some rumors I didn’t need running around.
So I had Elm carry me back to my dorm. Lily had to stay back and fix things back in her room. She had to rid her surroundings of any evidence of visitors. I can only imagine what the other plant spirits would say about her if they found out she had harboured a demon and a boy in her room all night.
But when I made it
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi my name's Rochelle-Renee.
I'm a writer and a wannabe digital artist. I write A LOT of stories but i never finish them. The day I do I'll post it here and see if I can get any feed back from you all! I'm more of a writer than an artist so most of my art is refrenced, or from a base because me and line art aren't always the best of friends. (but I'm working on it okay. Soon I will have original art) If I'm missing a credit on one of my drawings please tell me. I tend to forget to do it because when I post things I get really excited and just post without thinking about anything I might be missing. hehe. (But if you're one of those artist who are really picky and don't like those who use bases because their "lazy" then maybe I'm not the person for you) Don't be afraid to comment or talk to me. I'm acutally a nice person believe it or not xD
I think my brain is crazy. I'm only able to write while depressed. Right when I'm on the verge of tears, all the inspiration in the world hits me at once. When something makes me upset or I listen to a sad song, all my good ideas and writing skills come out. But when I'm happy, or even just neutral, it comes out all horrible. It makes absolutely no sense to me, but thats what works. For a long time music used to be what put me in the mood to write, but lately there aren't many songs that are speaking to my creative side. And now it's summer, so there's no school and no social life. Meaning there's no bitches around to make me moody. 

But drawing, that the complete opposite. If I'm not in a good mood, there is no way in hell I'm opening paint tool sai unless I need to for an assignment or something. The happier I am, the better they tend to turn out, that or my OCD kicks in and just turns me into a raging perfectionist down to the last pixel or white space. Its really insane how my brain works. But sadly, in the summer time I'm more bored than I am ecstatic. 

So I'm just stuck. Summer is such a great chance to get things done, but I never can because I'm just forever stuck in neutral
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